Barcelona locker room tired of the transfer of Nei Maer

1. srpna 2017 v 8:01
Nei Maer transfer event has affected the Barcelona locker room. Catalonia's "Daily Sport newspaper" learned from the inside of Barcelona, ​​Barcelona players on the transfer of Nemal soap opera show a bored attitude, they hope that this uncertainty can end as soon as possible.

Previously, the Barcelona locker room to persuade Nemal to stay has been exhausted, but the effect is minimal. It is reported that during the US team, including Pique, including a number of heavyweight players and Nemal had a number of exchanges, but they not only failed to let Nei Maer changed his mind, and even let the latter openings are not able to do To. Barcelona players believe that Nei Maer refused to make a public statement on their own to prove that his departure is imminent, and has been irreversible.

The Barcelona locker room does not take some measures against Nemal to eliminate the negative impact of dissatisfaction. They think that Nei Maer could have been able to control the situation, let their fate to become such a bizarre soap opera, he is now this attitude, so that the team and the club's image suffered damage. During the US trip, although Barcelona beat Manchester United, Juventus and Real Madrid, but these three victories have been affected by his transfer of the shadow.

Spain "Marca" also disclosed that in the case of Nemal transfer problems can not be resolved, the Barcelona locker room began to feel uneasy. Every time there is in the media, they have to answer questions about Nei Maer, which makes the Barcelona players feel tired. Barcelona locker room that should stand out to answer the question is Nei Maer, the Brazilian players should not remain silent. Barcelona players want Nemal to stay, but do not want to see the soap opera so long.

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