Elegant ancient rhyme Ruon Chronomètre Souverain new work

8. srpna 2017 v 4:49
replica watches cartierRuina is a very low-key niche luxury brand, the brand founder Mr. Ruina is a watch industry full of charm characters, insist on each watch are hand-made to complete, and he created the watch are revealed Elegant temperament and rich ancient wind. This new Chronomètre Souverain adhering to the brand has always been the style, from the inside to the outside of the low-key luxury temperament, especially with the K gold movement is the perfect combination of luxury and technology, let's enjoy the following.

replica watches cheap Case made of 18K rose gold, polished bright, smooth and natural lines. Case and case with clever, in order to ensure that the watch looks round and elegant, crown to do more "flat", in order to ensure that without losing the feel, surrounded by beautifully carved lines, looks very beautiful.


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