Jacques de Luo rose pyroxene when the small dial plate watch

11. srpna 2017 v 11:00
replica watches pattaya Jaquet Droz (Jaquet Droz) to distribute the charm of the rare gemstones - rose pyroxene to create a small dial (Petite Heure Minute) dial, to create a blend of elegant style, soft charm and surging passion of the new clock works The

replica watches price in india When the small dial has a memorable aesthetic appearance, called the Swiss watch classic. This watch at 12 o'clock position set eccentric time display disk, as Jacques de Luo artisan master free space, continue to Jacques De Luo unique creative and delicate aesthetics, re-interpretation. Jacques De Luo adhering to the long tradition of mineral dial, the selection of the United States from the rare gem - rose pyroxene, brand craftsmen on the master to enjoy their talent. Made by the whole gem of the disk by hand cutting and polishing, showing magnificent visual effects. Watch diameter of 35 mm. Pink on the chassis shining with delicate gold and silver shine, and black spots and clear texture so that the dial turned into a veritable contemporary art paintings. The glorious history of Jacques Droud is the result of the legendary fate of the entrepreneur John Aste, who died in the shipwreck of the Titanic. The rose pyroxene is produced in the Colorado mining area and its name is to the owner of the mine, John Astor pay tribute.

replica watches paneraiPetite Heure Minute Astorite (Petite Heure Minute Astorite) will be elegant and elegant style of pouring them, unique rare, precious, limited edition 28 only. Pink rose pyroxene and Guanghua dazzling red gold case, table edge and pointer, as well as white mother of pearl dial soft light color each other. Rose boulder when the small dial of the bezel and lugs inlaid diamonds, bright, its simple and neat lines make people see at first sight, highlighting Jacques De Luo to design the United States to show the true meaning of luxury concept.
Rose boulder when the small needle plate
Pink Coralado rose vermicillite dial, white mother of pearl central dial, 18K red gold three-dimensional table edge.
18K red gold case, inlaid 232 diamonds, the total weight of 1.23 karats.
Automatic winding mechanical movement.
Power storage for about 68 hours.
Diameter 35 mm.
Limited edition 28.

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