Runaway Tokyo end shot! It is likely that the forum is the first steel bag 6653Q!

26. srpna 2017 v 3:07
replica watches movado Officially become a member of the JB family, first with you predecessors say hello! Speaking of this to Tokyo, in fact, Blancpain is not the first choice. But no way to fate can not stop ah can not stop! This is the preferred Rolex R gold nigga, the election is AP home 15400. [Color = rgba (0, 0, 0, 0.701961)] But helpless, the Japanese labor too hard to buy, a lot of table shop simply no sports series! Finally, the central area of ​​Tokyo near the R stores all turned over, really let me find a piece of gold and black. But there is no film, looks very dirty ... and the calendar raised that circle seems to be difficult to take care of daily use, the clerk to rub for a long time also do not clean ... can only give up.

replica watches mumbai online Then turned to AP, Tokyo only a direct boutique, a penny discount are not, a bit beyond my psychological price ... go to the store, no accident, steel models 15400 no.

replica watches nyc but! I saw the steel section of the 6653Q! I am in the heart of the heart of the rose gold version of the long time! That ecstasy of the reverse jump small seconds, Saoqi blue steel calendar needle, dial design of the whole child embodies the Sven Mausoleum in the aesthetic spirit! But I've never seen a steel! JB suddenly appeared to disrupt my original purchase rhythm, and not the rose gold, Sao slightly less ... but the price is cheap ah! How to do it, my mind to start a fierce ideological struggle: In fact, still prefer AP a little bit, wear more casual, suits casual Safe, JB more interesting, but wearing a little restrictions. But AP this is really a bit too reluctant, or forget, the next opportunity to have it ...

Do not say, start JB very happy, kind of love at first sight feeling, once again to say hello to everyone.

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