Porsche Design New Timepiece No.1

6. září 2017 v 3:59
replica watches website Porsche Design Group is a design-oriented group, headquartered in Germany, its products are more stringent and practical and reliable quality known. The brand launched this watch with Porsche Design very good product features, both both a cool appearance, and watch manufacturing in Switzerland, assembly, quality is also very outstanding.
replica watches wholesale Porsche is the world's leading high-end car manufacturers, but also by virtue of the fashion and industrial design keen sense of smell in other areas have also made achievements. Its subsidiary, Porsche Design Group since 1972 began to get involved in the design of luxury watches and clocks, in a short period of 40 years time has been a large number of customers of all ages.
The 42mm case is plated with a black PVC coating to increase scratch resistance. Toggle bead engraved beautifully, the whole table is a strong sense of movement.
Stencil sharp and delicate, with a rubber strap with a very natural, very high degree of fit, I believe that wearing is also very comfortable, lightweight.
Rubber strap texture is very good, brand LOGO in the above description of the clear eye-catching.
Clasp gives the feeling of strong and durable, from the work point of view is also very fine.
Dial on the color contrast is obvious, the second hand is red, the disk also has a number of luminous elements of the design, making the overall disk read, read performance greatly improved.
Calendar window location and size of natural beauty, a strong sense of hierarchy, intuitive readings.
From the crown can be seen on the details of the brand design, the crown below the easy to pull out the groove, very user-friendly. Crown on the fine lines easy to control, timing buttons do not do too much modification, and the crown contrast significantly to practical.
Watch the bottom cover a total of eight fixed screws, transparent sapphire bottom can be seen from the movement of fine grinding, hollow automatic Tuo also to enjoy the movement to provide more space.
Movement changed from ETA7750, stable performance outstanding. Watch limited edition of 500, each priced at $ 7550.
replica watches vintage Summary: Porsche Design Although in many areas have a great reputation, but in the field of watchmaking it is still a relatively young brand, so the brand selection in Switzerland for the production and assembly of watches, in order to rely on the Swiss watch the unique advantages of re-combination Brand design, build high-quality watches, I hope you like.

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