The advent of Romain Jerome's new launch of the pilots table

13. září 2017 v 9:24
replica watches in karachi Romain Jerome has launched its first pilots table, shape similar to the spacecraft, full use of prismes and other polygons to create, through the automatic mechanical movement superb design and manufacturing to achieve a very stylish avant-garde time display, so watch read Full of thick scientific and technological elements, and traditional watch display is completely different, it can be more accurate and convenient to show the time, worn on the wrist is quite a kind of stray feeling.
replica watches in hyderabad Titanium case is a unique trapezoidal, the above edges and corners clear, the surface using PVD vacuum coating technology made of black, its edges and corners slightly raised, the design inspiration from the founder of the eighties on the spacecraft imagination, the whole body is black Watch a layer of mystery.
replica watches in bangkok Equipped with a strap for the black buffalo leather mezzanine polyester material, take the orange line is particularly Western style, connected to the case location also carried out a reinforcement design, the watch in the actual wear can be a good fit the wrist, rugged also get A good guarantee.
Crown design in the top of the top of the case position, the feeling will not be very easy to adjust, you need to pick off the adjustment, but for the beauty has a very good effect.
Minutes are arranged on a turntable, through the top of the dial sapphire crystal window display.
The lower window of the case indicates a current reading with a red mark. On behalf of the hour of 12 figures were arranged in a straight line, so the advantage of the design is no need to turn the wrist can see the current time. But did not set the luminous elements, dark conditions for reading may be slightly inconvenient.
The complex self-winding device is specially tailored specifically for the brand by the Agenhor factory located in Geneva. It is the ETA2892 as a template, after a series of mechanical transformation, and now in this way, the movement installed in a spring-driven sliding device, every 60 minutes will drag the red hour cursor to move forward Grid, so that the current number of hours on the disk appears red.
Watch wrist really avant-garde fashion, limited edition watch 25, each priced at $ 29,500
Summary: I think this table is defined as a concept watch more appropriate, it is the main shape and display the unique way, but similar to show the time of the watch is not fresh, and many independent watch brands are involved , So this table in order to lead out in many watches is also not easy. But this brand compared to the table I have seen more like a watch more tough, avant-garde fashion may be done more prominent, a kind of sudden emergence of the feeling, and its price in a similar watch is also a very competitive advantage, like this Design friends can pay more attention to it.

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