[Ba Qi Lai 2017 Basel News] Swiss elite strong combination

20. října 2017 v 8:25
replica watches guangzhou Swiss watchmaker Baizhi Lai from 2016 to become the Swiss national men and women's soccer team designated timepieces, to commemorate this partnership, Baqi Lai especially in this year's Basel Watch Fair, together with the national women's soccer team players (Swiss Excellence meets Swiss Performance) as the theme of the press conference and football lectures, and to each player to send a new Platonic Wonderful Women's watch SFA special section (Patravi ScubaTec SFA Special Edition).
replica watches gucci Basel, March 23, 2017 - In the world-class football competition, the team to play the best technology and precise grasp of time is an important key to beat the opponent; watch the same emphasis on technology and precision workmanship. The alliance with the Swiss Football Association (SFA), based in Lucerne, is based on this same philosophy. Po Qi Lai expensive for the Swiss national soccer team designated timepieces, last year has launched a Bolivian deep submarine watch SFA special models, accompanied by the Swiss national football team to France for the European Cup, a symbol of the two sides a solid partnership
replica watches germany This year, Baqi Lai made the new Sarawak deep women's watch SFA special section dedicated to the Swiss national women's football team, witnessed the cooperation with the Swiss Football Association new milestone. "In 2016, we designed a special style for the national men's soccer team, this year for the national women's team to produce new timepieces in recognition of its outstanding performance, the player's superb technology and Baqi Levin," said Sascha Moeri, global chief executive of Baqi Lai; "This special section is accurate and durable, and is a model of Swiss first-class watchmaking technology."
In the Basel Watch Fair, the press conference will be held in the new table debut, as well as with the national women's football team held a football lecture, including players Lia Wälti, Meriame Terchoun, Ana Maria Crnogorcevic, Cinzia Zehnder, Martina Moser, coach Martina Voss - Tecklenburg, Technical Director of the Swiss Football Association, Laurent Prince, and Sacha Moeri, Chief Executive Officer of Baqi Levin. The press conference will be on the Po Qi Lai to each player to give a Plavi deep daughter watch SFA special models, this new design into the Swiss national flag color, which crown, rotating bezel and dial with red details embellishment, The white dial decorated with the Swiss Football Association logo, these exquisite details both highlight the Swiss character, also add a bit of vitality and elegant style.
Swiss national women's soccer team earlier in the Cyprus Cup qualifying performance, and the momentum into the Netherlands held in 2017 European Women's Football Cup final week, the White Swallow Women's Watch Special Edition will accompany the team battle, To strive for success and return.
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