Patek Philippe Ref. 5496P, the best to see the calendar

27. října 2017 v 10:29
百达翡丽Ref. 5496P,最好看的万年历
replica watches malaysia Patek Philippe Patek Philippe's several watchmaker's calendar table in 2016 have new, 5140 is a direct upgrade to 5327, and this 5496 is the introduction of the platinum case style; strictly speaking, 5327 that is called the new, 5496 this only Can be said to be a small change only, but it is interesting in some overseas commentary, but 5496 is causing more discussion, from here, of course, can be seen that the so-called "small change" is not simple, on the other hand also feel Get 5496 in the eyes of the players strong popularity.
replica watches ladies uk Features: Date new design to show fine workmanship
Ref. 5496 The Platinum version introduces a number of new designs, the most important of which is its date and numbers. Past 5496 date numbers are printed, this time for the first time using a three-dimensional digital scale; general face plate so small three-dimensional components are now usually used to paste the way of assembly, but PP here is under the digital Made a very fine pin, and then drilling in the disk, as a fixed three-dimensional figure. Like this approach not only labor, the cost is also greatly improved, but the quality of the finished product and the quality of follow-up are also sticky can not match, which shows the means of the top table factory.
replica watches legit Patek Philippe Ref. 5496P, the best to see the calendar
The new type of three-dimensional date is not printed by printing, but with a diameter of only 0.1mm pin device on the face plate, work fine;
Even if they do not know the work behind it, three-dimensional gold figure is also higher than the old version of the texture
Watches also equipped with 324 S QR movement; compared to 5140 240Q, on the characteristics of nature is less than its miniature automatic disk,
Full-spoke automatic disk in the tour is also a little worse, but the practical efficiency of the chain is definitely 324 wins
Features two: face plate vertical hair pattern is relatively rare
Face plate surface treatment is also different with the existing style, where it uses a vertical hair pattern will be the whole face plate to matte performance; dress / complex menu with matte, hair pattern of the disk is not surprising, but all Brush into a one-way ruler is relatively rare, this approach makes the watch looks slightly young, but also a little sense of movement, for its "Platinum Calendar" in terms of the property is actually a little contrast, so also for the watch to create Out of a unique temperament.
A PP practice, platinum models will be in the next table ear 6 o'clock position of the case with a single drill,
Low-key extremely, and this one-sided drill on both sides of the calendar more than the hidden fast press
Features three: self-logical face plate pattern
In addition to this is still we are familiar with the 5496, the date in the faceplate inner circle with a large angle of the reverse jump show, month, week and leap year show were scattered at 3,9,12 o'clock position. So the window and the reverse of the composition of the calendar table is a non-traditional design (although now everyone seems to be used to it), it is compiled from the logic, but not as good as the traditional pattern of multi-needle stiff, There are faction supporters.
Patek Philippe Ref. 5496P, the best to see the calendar
Patek Philippe Ref. 5496P Technical Data
Case: platinum material, sapphire crystal mirror, transparent bottom cover, table diameter 39.5mm
Movement: 324 S QR self-winding movement
Function: hours, minutes, seconds, reverse jump date display, moon phase display, calendar function, PP mark
Waterproof: 30 meters

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